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Journey Of Art

In Art field I am known as Yuvraj Sakre.

I am a self-taught Artist, Born on 27 Nov from Davangere, Karnataka (INDIA). Now located in Bengaluru.

My educational background is technical, I have studied in Mechanical Engineering at UBDTCE. Professionally worked as Sr. 3D Engineer at EGIS Geo-Plan in 3D Department, but my preference goes to art it gives me peace and my present career is in Art.

Sir Bheemasen Korti who is a professional artist worked as a teacher at Davangere Fine Arts College also asked me join when I was in Engineering as his son was my batch mate. Learned some techniques from Jay Varma who is an eminent artist and 3rd generation of the great Raja Ravi Varma.

From my school days art came to me as a companion. The play of shadow and light attracted me to this medium. It must have been an inborn ability that further drew me closer to the medium, also various people who added to my transformation who finds solace in art.

At one stage I was drawn to portraits. My favorite teachers, my landlord, friends, all became my subjects. When I started college got a fresh perspective and explored the technicalities of art. Also taught myself to observe the methods used by other artists. I did few portraits of my professors in Degree College and these were published in the Annual Newsletter of the college in 2005, which overjoyed me.

Upon retrospection I notice one common thread running through my formative years in art, people around me who made me what I am. All of them contributed their bit, sometimes with suggestions/techniques and sometimes with plain appreciation. What initially started as a hobby took firm roots as a profession. The magic of light and Shadow, the various shapes and the mesmerizing contrasts helped me to learn more.

My life’s ambition is “I want to become an eminent artist who captures fleeting moments of life with the Graphite & Charcoal”.

Why I Preferred Portraits?

Although I don't have any formal art training, I selected Portrait Drawing as part of my life. I have created drawings mostly of human figures portraits from graphite, charcoal, and coloured pencil. There are several minute details that need to be taken into account when creating a person's portrait, here their emotions are expressed, and portraits are always close to my heart. That's why I love creating portraits.

Journey Of Photography

How Photography Started?

          I started photography to support my Portraiture Art, every person who approached me would bring a passport size photo or a post-card size photograph from which it is hard to give details for the portrait work. So I thought of doing photo-shoot and by using it started doing graphite realism fine art. Later my clients started to call me for various functions, events to capture their precious moments. As I am 3D Engineer well known in lighting arrangements, so it took me to various categories of photography.

      We Cater all kind of photo-shoot from "Fashion, Candid, Landscape, Jewellery, Architectural, Kids, Portrait, Corporate head shots, Event, Maternity shoot, Wedding, Art-party shoot, Model, Sports etc.,"

      Also We draw Photo-Realistic fine arts of Bride & Groom which is our USP.